Sunday, June 8, 2008

Increase your Page Rank.

  • Directory submission - There are a number of free directories available on the internet where you can submit your links. A common example is
  • Paid links - There are a number of paid directories and related sites that sell links. But it is suggested to be selective to avoid loosing the already earned page rank.
  • Forum signatures : Sign up in related forum & create your signature. Every time you participate in forum you will be able to submit a link with your forum past through Forum signatures.
  • Blog comments: Blog comments with your signature are a very effective techniques of quality link building. But you should not forget to check the "no follow" tag. This tag will make your comment invalid in SEO point of view.
  • Link exchanges: Link exchanges is more effective when done with very selective sites. Otherwise it may harm your hard earned page rank. Better to avoid this technique if you cannot do it efficiently.
  • Article submissions : Yet another effect quality link building technique. Create a high page rank article submission database before starting your submission.
  • Link bait: Link bait is a very effective method to page rank. It is a content on your site where other sites want to link to not because you asked them but because they wished.
  • Social bookmarking is another effective page rank enhancing technique. Example

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