Sunday, June 8, 2008

How do WE get traffic?

Here are some important tips of directing web traffic to your website..

1. Develop some sensible content for your web page you are promoting: I cannot express enough how important it is to give your site visitors value and, to do so, you must give them useful content, preferably original content. This is true of all web sites but particularly true for the blogger who really has to work hard at adding new content on a regular basis. Good content is vital for a number of reasons but there are two that stand out. First, search engines like useful content and the more you have, the higher your organic search results are likely to be and the more free traffic you're likely to get. Second, if you provide useful content (especially with new content provided on a regular basis) you will get more repeat visitors and more external links to your site, the latter again being of vital importance to good organic search rankings.

2. Submit your website. You can gain a lot of traffic from submitting your site to relevant web directories, and, of course, search engines (I think that goes without saying . . . at least, I hope it does!). From my experience, creating an RSS feed (particularly relevant to blogs) and having it submitted to sites such as technorati and other similar services is a particularly good way of generating traffic and simply becoming "visible."

For further ideas, I recommend that you read the article "Sometimes Google AdWords is the least effective way to reach your target customer." This interesting article, by Perry Marshall, contains a great list of methods to obtain new customers for your online business, as well as explaining why AdWords is sometimes the worst option!

I hope this article (as a whole!) has given you some pointers to ensure that you're not neglecting some vital areas of your Internet marketing and has inspired you to think for yourselves how you may be missing out on some vital customers and, even more importantly, profit!

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